Hut opening period

from mid May to October 20 approximately
from Christmas to Easter

from approximately October 20 to Christmas
& from Easter to mid May

Kitchen hours

11:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. (summer)
11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.* (winter)

Low season: Thursday day off

* Extended opening hours for guests staying here.


Talschlusshütte hut in summer

Summer in the Fischleintal Valley

The enchantment of the Sexten Dolomites

Large flower meadows, tall larch, characteristic wooden huts.

Corners filled with pure nature.
Fresh mountain air, majestic giant rocks and stones.

An uncontaminated idyll.
The Fiscalina Valley in the summer is a unique and unequalled hiking experience.

Walks, simple or challenging hiking trails, adrenaline-packed bike tours and exciting climbs for all skill levels wind through the unique natural landscape of the Sexten Dolomites.

It is no wonder, therefore, that the Three Peaks Nature Park is considered one of the most beautiful hiking areas in the world.


Hiking in the Fiscalina Valley:
Here it is a pleasure to walk!

  • Fischleinbodenhütte hut - Talschlusshütte hut
  • Talschlusshütte hut - Bertihütte Hut
    ... From the Talschlusshütte hut proceed along the Rotwandkopf towards the Rotwandwiesenhütte hut, continue until Rudihütte hut and possibly beyond through Burgstall, up to Kreuzbergpass or Lunellihütte hut to finally reach the Bertihütte hut.
  • The traditional tour of the shelters
    … Starting from Talschlusshütte hut proceed towards Zigmondyhütte hut, continue through the Fiscalino Pass up to the Büllelejochhütte hut and the Dreizinnenhütte hut (Altenstein Valley), and back to the Talschlusshütte hut (one day hike) with the possibility of taking in the Oberbachernspitze Mittl.
  • Talschlusshütte hut - Zigmondyhütte hut - Giralbajoch up to the Carduccihütte hut
  • Talschlusshütte hut - Dreizinnenhütte hut
  • Talschlusshütte hut - Dreizinnenhütte hut - Dreizinnenhütte hut
    … from Innichriedel descend to Innerfeld Valley up to the Dreizinnenhütte hut.
  • Talschlusshütte hut - Fischleinboden Mountain Hut - Innerfeldtal
    … through Innergsell and Aussergsell until you reach the Antoniusstein.


Explore the Fiscalina Valley:
Climbing routes for experts

  • Talschlusshütte hut - Rotwandkopf
    … or through Burgstall to the top of the Rotwand and possible descent using the Zandonella climbing route up to the Kreuzbergpass, the Lunellihütte hut, or Bertihütte hut.
  • Talschlusshütte hut - Sentinella Pass - Bertihütte hut
    … through the Rogel climbing route towards the Carduccihütte hut and then return to the Fiscalina Valley (2-day hike).
  • Talschlusshütte hut - Alpinisteig
    … through the Sentinella Pass or the Alpinisteig (possibly with ascent on the Hochbrunner Schneid) towards the Zigmondyhütte hut.
  • Talschlusshütte - Zigmondyhütte hut - Büllelejochhütte hut
    … take the Path of Peace towards Gamsscharte/Forcella del Camoscio and possibly up to the summit of the Paternkofel (the mountain where the legendary mountaineer Sepp Innerkofler died) and through the suggestive tunnel climbing route (with torch) up to the Dreizinnenhütte hut.
  • Talschlusshütte hut - Dreizinnenhütte hut - Climbing Route - Toblinger Knoten
    … 2 alternatives: the summit can be reached through a simpler or more complex climbing route. Excellent starting point for the Schusterplatte.
  • Dolomites without borders


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